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Horus Energypyramids

A new age has just started! We are learning to use the enormous potential of new inexhaustible energy sources. By combinating spiritual experiences, cognitions and the knowledge of ancient cultures with modern technology, new energetic devices with undreamed properties can be created!

Horus Energy Pyramids are such a discovery. They are the result of a long search for holistic energy concepts, which consider the consciousness and the chakras of a human being. They give you the possibility to discover what a human being really is and to develop your mental abilities!

Energy Pyramids are compatible with the chinese Feng Shui concept and they are perfect to harmonize and energize your buildings and plots.

Horus Energy Pyramids exist since 1990, and meanwhile a worlwide network in 52 countries has arised.

We wish you a prosperous time and a lot of fun studying our pages!

The future starts here! Please contact us… if you have further questions!

The Beginning of a New Era of Spiritual Technics

We are beginning a new era of technology with the unique bioactive energy fields from Kyborg Energy Pyramids: You can purify your living and working place and advance your life´s quallity with the Energy Pyramids™: through a screening from geographical zones and water routes. Protection from electrosmog by stabilizing your immune and resistance system. Relax and sleep better after the screening from your home with a overwhelming amount of Prana (life energy).

With the right feeling for spiritual powers the special bio-active power field of the Original Kyborg Energy Pyramids™ insures you a high achivement level and happiness in life. Use the creative potential of the subtil energyfields to increase your spiritual capacity and to reach your goals. Bring harmony into your working area by reducing human tensions with the harmonious, bioactive powerfields. Gain a new feeling of security and harmony!

In the summer of 1990 in the garden of the Kyborg institute, I felt inspired to build two pyramids attached into each other in the middle with a plexiglass rod (a biological neutral plastic). The double pyramid is 2 yards high, and you can even stand inside of it. Later on I gotta know that the inspiration came to me through medial guidence by Horus™. Since then many people have used the energy pyramids and agree together with their reports about a calming and harmonious effect.

After just a few minutes they feel full of new life and fresh energy. Everybody can feel the living power that constantly flows out of the Original Kyborg Energy Pyramid™. We are working with kosmic and earthborn energy radiations. So we stabilize and protect our environment. In the mean time we have 19 years of experience with best results.

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